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Vessel (Book Review)

Vessel (Book I: the Advent)Vessel by Tominda Adkins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Review of Vessel by Tominda Adkins.


Okay, I understand that many readers are getting tired of the whole zombies/monsters genre. I also understand that it is a little played out and nothing seems original anymore. Trust me, I really do understand. I feel the same way.

Then out of nowhere… “Jesse” shows up, and a book so unique that demands readers around the world to take notice. That book is Vessel. A unique story of five "gods” who are out to save the world from "death" and destruction, or at least try to.

Don’t stop here, keep reading trust me…

You might say to yourself, been there, read that, but do those books have a crazy singer and his one arm assistant....I think not :)

I could keep going on and on about why I personally like this book but I will just stop here and give you the facts on why I gave this book four stars.

Character Development:

Tominda Adkins does a great job developing the characters. Tominda Adkins spends enough time early on to give the reader a sense of who the character is. Each character has his/her own personality that is very distinctive. This is not an easy task for an author, especially when there are so many major characters. Tominda Adkins was able to accomplish this without losing the reader. Great job.


This is where the fun begins. The plot is full of many turns and full of action. A plot that is unpredictable and guaranteed to keep the reader on edge. The unique story also helps with the plot, I will not give out any spoilers, but the origin of the "un-dead" in Vessel is a completely new story, a must read.


The story does jump around quite a bit. However, the jumping is a part of the overall story. Therefore, do what I did … enjoy the ride.

Book Flow:

A very quick and easy read. The flow is good; However, the jumping of scenes might take some getting used to.


4 out of 5 shots!!!!

Really liked it!


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Tominda Adkins said...

Thank you, Jason! Glad you enjoyed Vessel--it really is like a crazy ride, huh? :) Anyone further interested in the book can check readvessel.com or its amazon page.

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