Thursday, March 31, 2011 | By: Jason

Freedomland by Anne Bean Submitted for Review

America is dead. It has been replaced by Freedomland, a more perfect nation run by a man named God. War and violence have become a thing of the past. Citizens of Freedomland enjoy freedom of choice, freedom of speech, and the freedom to buy whatever their hearts desire. To make all of this even easier, televisions, cell phones, and the Internet are all combined into a Device, which is surgically implanted in citizens' skulls. Devices plunge their users into a virtual reality more compelling than the real world.

But virtual reality isn't enough for Elijah and Lili, two estranged teenage friends who witness the bizarre murder of a woman who claims to be looking for them. They must be alert as they begin to unravel the mystery surrounding her death for potential danger that they might encounter. As they are drawn deeper into the mystery behind her death, they begin to wonder: Is Freedomland really free? Can God really be trusted?

Looks good.... lets see if it survives my shots!!!


Lynai said...

Hi. This looks very interesting. Where did you get your copy?

Jason M. said...

This is a really good book. Ive been very busy so I haven't been able to do my full review.. But its truly recommended. A great read. Ill do my full review this weekend hopefully.

Here is the website to purchase the book:

The authors website/blog is:

Kenneth William said...
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