Saturday, March 5, 2011 | By: Jason

My First Giveaway Win / With a Twist ~The Purse Snatcher Letters~

So I finally won my first giveaway from

I'm excited and ready to receive it. But I noticed this giveaway comes with a bit of a twist....

I decided to do some research on these letters and I ran into the publishers site...

A hotel clerk after noticing that a hotel guest did not come down to check out one morning decides to check in on the guest. However, he didnt find the guest... instead he found a bunch of letters addressed to a "Bernard Cambridge".

After a number of days of waiting for the guest, the hotel worker decides to safeguard the letters. After a failed attempt to mail the letters he decides to open one and what he read inside suprized him more then the disapearence of the writer. 

"these letters were highly descriptive narratives of the time Hugo spent subsisting off of stealing women’s purses, straight up, graceless purse snatching, these narratives mixed with deeply personal assessments of self and almost poetically related asides to other events in the writer and his brother’s life" (Purse Snatcher Letter Site).

These letters were in the clerks possession for over 4 years when in a conference in Washington, DC  he ran face to face into the man he's been looking for for. (See the story here: Purse Snatcher Letters)

The last question the clerk asked the guy that night was, "Are the letters real? I mean, are they letters about stuff you actually did, or did you make it all up?” He just told me to publish them, scrunching his face and giving it an odd, indecipherable kind of shake" (PS Letters). 




LRAtRandom said...

Congrats on the win! These letters sound interesting, I'll keep an eye out for your review!

Book Sniper said...

Ill keep you updated :)
I searched everywhere online and cant find anything on them. I wonder if its just a well "written" prank.... Hummmm I guess Ill find out when I get the letters.

Kristin said...

Hi Book Sniper! Thanks so much for the follow! Love your blog (I'm your newest follower)

Have a wonderful weekend!
Kristin@ My Bookish Ways

Book Sniper said...

Thank you for Following Kristin. Love ur blog too, im working on how to create a rating system for this blog.... Cant wait to read some more of your reviews.

L'Aussie said...

Hey Jason, thanks for the great teaser. This sounds like a great book. Be interested in hearing when you've finished.


Book Sniper said...

I'll keep you updated. I won the letters last night, so I'm guessing its going to take at least a week. :)

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