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Ender's Game (Book Review)

Review of Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card 

A book that has hated by some, but loved by many. 

What can I say about a book with so many reviews? I guess Ill just try my best and be as fair and honest as I can. 

The author has an interesting way of pulling you into the story from the beginning. I wont say too much about it because I want others to read this book without any spoilers on my part, however, I must say that first couple of chapters are very well developed and will draw readers from all ages.That being said… I must give a warning... 

After reading a couple of chapters I noticed that the author has many references of nude(naked) children… (I’m sure you read this in other reviews, so I wont get too deep into this, if not try googling it for more info). This really concerned me so I stopped reading the book for a couple of days and decided to read more reviews and do some research on Orson Scott Card. I am not here to trash any author, so I will not say what I read about him, I will leave that up to you, but I will say that there are many who hate him and many more who love his writing. 

After this experience, it took a couple of days to pick this book up again. To do so I had to put all my concerns aside and decided to continue and finish the book. The more I read the more I understood why people really love this book. 

Again, I do not want to give away too much information about this book. I am also going to keep my review short since the internet is full of reviews concerning this book (Some good and some bad). 
My best advice is to at least finish the book with an open mind and do not be too stuck on certain issues. I cannot say I understand why the author wrote the book the way that he did, but I must honestly say that I enjoyed reading this book and recommend it to all adults, but for younger readers, get the PG version, I hear it is available. 

Character Development: 

The author did a good job developing the characters. The first couple of chapters lay out the foundation for the main characters involved in the book. However, the histories of the characters are a little unclear. This wont effect the overall story but I did bug me a little. 


The plot is very interesting. It is full of action and many David vs. Goliath moments. The author definitely used the word “naked” a little too much in this book. However, this does not make the book any worse. On the other hand, I do not think it made the book any better either. 


The setting was a little boring and dull. Most of the story occurs in the “Battle School” and even this place seemed color less. 

Book Flow: 

I am glad with the book flow of Ender’s Game. The book is an average size of about 300 pages and an easy read. 

4 out of 5 shots


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